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Creative Solution of the year 2021


Ghana has recently implemented the digital property addressing system (DPAS) which is a noble and worthy effort as a catalyst for an integrated identification of persons and property in Ghana. This is part of the government digitization agenda across all sectors of the economy. The project is also aimed at ensuring that all properties in the country are identified and ensure that each has a unique address. Omni Strategies stepped up and built an application that made the exercise easier and faster. This application generates a comprehensive national database of property addresses that seeks to achieve the objectives of the digitization project. This application facilitate the accurate navigation to any property in Ghana no matter the remoteness which enhances land, property, business registration, among others. Omni strategies again went ahead to build navigation application to help locate all addresses for installation. We are marked for solution with innovation.


Your final and unique Digital Address

deliverytracker is a system comprising a web and mobile application with embedded GPS software to help facilitate the processes involved in gathering data on all government projects across the country, periodic field reporting and keeping up to date every changing information of projects. The system is designed to be easily extended by adding more modules to the core package without having to change the original structure of the entire system.
The software has all the required features of a modern cadastral system, including GIS capability, workflow support, and a comprehensive analytical dashboard for data visualization by management.
The system is in five components:

  • A web application with full GIS Server capabilities

  • An android application with integrated custom GPS software for data collection

  • A reporting Dashboard

  • A data management system

This system has come to eliminate all the time-consuming efforts to identify and collate all ongoing government projects.
Management and other stakeholders also have specially designed executive analytical dashboard which analyzes data and present the data in a visualized form to suit their interest and requirements.


The system manages the full lifecycle of a mining right, from application through approval, licensing, renewals and finally expiration. It has a compliance module that tracks all payments made, payments outstanding, royalties, production reports, and contract terms which ensures compliance of license holders. All license and payment data can be viewed online by relevant stakeholders.