The Journey to ISO 27001:2013...

24 Sep, 2023

Inside Omni


At Omni Strategies, we believe in leading with innovation. We decided it was time to take this mantra to the next level by developing industry-disrupting products that improve lives and experiences. Our first inspiration is a Fintech product (release pending).

With this in view, we understood the need to put some standards and regulations in place, to match the vision and projected growth. And so began the journey to ISO 27001:2013.

In April 2021, the company held a meeting with associates. Innovare was hired as a consultant to prepare us for an external audit. But amid this new undertaking, Omni still had ongoing commitments that needed seeing through, which led to a lull in the ISO endeavours.

By January 2022, we were back on track. The required implementations turned out to be an immense financial and operational commitment, but worth it. The entire process took us a year and four months.

Although we had anticipated a more tedious process, the external audit was a breeze. The external auditor was professional and straightforward in his dealings with us.

As with all things we tackle at Omni Strategies, we were confident that we would pass the audit.

"I had a solid team, and we had put in so much work to ensure success." - Judith Jacobson, Corporate Project Manager.

At the end of the day, our ISO 27001:2013 certification is only the start of our journey to providing ground-breaking digital products worldwide, starting with Ghana.

An important takeaway, remember to keep your team motivated throughout the journey and celebrate the win because it was hard-earned!

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