Introducing CBrain Omni Ghana

03 Aug, 2023

Inside Omni


Omni Strategies' rapid expansion and quality delivery have attracted partnerships with several global brands, the latest of which is cBrain.

The partnership is a 50/50 joint venture set up to offer technology solutions that accelerate the digitisation efforts of government agencies across the African continent. This joint venture is called cBrain Omni Ghana Limited.

cBrain offers business-critical solutions for organisations across government, private, education, and non-profit sectors, which heavily reduce project time, risk, and costs while enabling fast-track digital transformation.


Governments have, in recent times, embarked on a digitisation campaign across various public institutions and agencies. The F2 solution by cBrain is widely used globally and is an ideal platform to meet expectations.


As a part of the new joint venture, Omni Strategies hopes to contribute to the digitisation of the public sectors in Africa by drawing on the experiences that cBrain has built up through many years of cooperation with Danish authorities and reusing cBrain's extensive library of F2-based solutions.

cBrain Omni Ghana Limited is a testament to the aggressive push by Omni Strategies to extend our services to the international stage. 

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